Your Team

Your Leadership Team for the 2021 FIA Presidential Election is regionally diverse and strong.

This is a team with new skills and a different outlook ready to face the challenges of the post-Covid world.

Dear Fellow Presidents,

The FIA has been a big part of my life, as a driver first, then as a Mobility and Sport Club President. I want to give much back to the FIA and its amazing community, and I hope my experience in both Mobility and Sport, not only as a Vice President, competitor, but also as a businessman and car enthusiast adds value. I am proud to lead such an experienced and passionate team that is focused on delivering what the members want and need.

Mohammed ben Sulayem Candidate for FIA President

Dear Friends,

I have long been a car and motor racing enthusiast and my past nine years as president of RACE have also allowed me to make a difference in two areas that I am passionate about. Firstly, breathing new life into the iconic Jarama race track. Secondly, transforming RACE, which was in a very difficult position, into a vibrant 21st century motoring club.

Thus, what I want to bring to the Senate is my deep understanding of how the right governance drives success in a global organisations knowledge that I have acquired after more than 20 years in banking and healthcare corporations as well as 10 years in the governing bodies of corporate associations. Through this experience I want to help secure the members-led FIA of the future.

Carmelo Sanz de Barros Candidate for Head of FIA Senate

Dear Friends,

I see a bright future for FIA Mobility clubs and the Federation as a whole. I believe that my experience as CEO of the CAA, President Region 3, FIA University Chair, and Senate member has provided me with a blend of skills that can help our leadership team make a real difference in creating a FIA that is successful by being members-led.

Tim Shearman Candidate for Deputy President Mobility

Dear Friends,

As a former World Rally Champion, having won the 2001 series with Richard Burns, I have  a deep understanding and respect for the world of motorsport, a knowledge I have continued to grow by chairing the Stewards at WRC events, and in my current role as President of the FIA Closed Road Commission. I am passionate about nurturing talent across all levels of motorsports, and this is one of the key attributes I want to share with our FIA clubs and regions.

Robert Reid Candidate for Deputy President Motorsport
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