Manifesto main pledges are:

  • Double motorsport participation worldwide
  • Strengthen diversity and inclusion
  • Be a leading opinion-former on sustainable mobility.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem has published his election manifesto for the FiA presidential elections which will take place on December 17, 2021. 

Titled This is your Manifesto the policy document sets out the vision for the FiA to become the leading motorsport and mobility voice across the world

The 59-year-old Emirati candidate, 14-times the Middle East rally champion, supported by his Leadership Team of Carmelo Sanz de Barros (Spain), Tim Shearman (Canada) and Robert Reid (UK), has outlined his thoughts and policies for future FiA ready for the challenges facing its members.

“We will be member-led, democratic, support stronger regional decision-making, encourage new ideas, and respect distinct local needs,” said Ben Sulayem, adding these values were deeply etched in his thinking for how he would lead the evolution of the FiA if elected. 

The manifesto is based on an extensive consultation process, started in January this year, with the 245-member clubs in 146 countries. Ben Sulayem and his Leadership Team clocked up more than 2,000 hours of video and face-to-face meetings, a first in the 116-year history of the FiA. 

“We set out to be a member-led team, and this manifesto is based on the actual, real needs as expressed by our members,” explained Ben Sulayem. “This is the members’ Manifesto for the future of the FiA, and it is our commitment to implement it if elected.” 

The member consultation has indicated a strong desire for change to tackle the wide range of challenges faced by the FiA clubs. There are internal issues such as the need for greater transparency, of financial stability, and of increased member participation. But there are also significant external questions to be addressed, like regulation on climate and environmental issues, the changing consumer needs and behaviours, and the ever-accelerating pace of technology. 

“We want to build on the passion and tradition of the FiA with a renewed energy to proactively drive it into the future. To do this, we must place members and consumers at the heart of Mobility and Motorsports,” added Ben Sulayem. 

This is Your Manifesto outlines a series of objectives and how to achieve them, as well as providing a four-year, year-by-year breakdown on deliverables. 

Among the key undertaking in the Manifesto, is that by the end of the four-year term the Leadership Team will: 

  • Double motorsport participation 
  • Turn the FiA into a leading opinion-former on sustainable mobility 
  • Transform the FiA into a knowledge-led federation 
  • Have best-practice governance structures in place 
  • Eliminate the FiA’s operating losses by 2023 
  • Strengthen diversity and inclusion 
  • Have stronger regions 

Ben Sulayem explained that while addressing these challenges, there were many opportunities to build a better Federation, such as: 

  • Redefine the FiA with revised governance 
  • Develop new audiences to secure the long-term growth of motorsport
  • Embrace digital technologies 
  • Focus on growth 
  • Enhance worldwide engagement with the global regulatory authorities
  • Strengthen cohesion between sport and mobility 

“We are ambitious for our members and for motorsport and that is why we have set the target to double motorsport participation within four years,” said former WRC world rally champion Robert Reid, candidate for Deputy President Motorsport.

 Tim Shearman, candidate for Deputy President Mobility, was equally upbeat on the prospects for the future: “I believe with the fresh and member-led approach we are outlining, we can quickly become the leading global voice for our clubs and their interests.”

On the issue of governance, Carmelo Sanz de Barros, candidate for Head of the Senate, is clear on how he wants to be accountable to the members and the clubs: “Promises matter. That is why we pledge to present a report on progress against each of our manifesto commitments each year at the Annual General Assembly.” 

The Leadership Team is further supported by regional Sport Vice-Presidential candidates Daniel Coen, Fabiana Ecclestone and Lung-Nien Lee. All share Ben Sulayem’s desire to set clear objectives for the four-year election cycle. 

Above all is a clear focus on the absolute need for financial and operational transparency, the development of young talent across mobility and motorsport, and the recognition that diversity is at the core for the development of motorsport worldwide

Accountability to the members is what drives Ben Sulayem and his team. That is how the FiA will become the leading motorsport and mobility voice across the world

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Your Manifesto for the Future

Mohammed Ben Sulayem and FIA For Members Election Manifesto announced

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