Thank you, friends and delegates.

It is wonderful to be back at our historic headquarters in Paris and getting to see so many of you in person again.

I’d like to begin my brief remarks by thanking Jean Todt for his leadership over the past 12 historic years.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

The winner of this contest will inherit a federation that is much stronger because of your efforts.

I’d also like to thank all of you here and to those watching online.

It is you - the members of the FIA - who took the time to meet with myself and our team to share your thoughts.

We have listened closely, we read your submissions carefully, and we have shaped our key objectives and policies around your needs and concerns.

Without you, this would have been impossible. So again, thank you very much.

It has been a true honour to have taken part in this campaign, and our federation should be proud of the way this election has been conducted.

Friends - our vision for our federation is simple. We want it to become the leading motorsport and mobility voice across the world.

For this to happen, we must be more transparent, we must focus on regional empowerment, and we must focus on growth.

These are the pillars on which our manifesto was built.

It lays out our plans for reform but more than that, it commits us to a timeframe for achieving them.

I hope you agree that this document represents an ambitious plan for change.

Colleagues – I do not pretend for one moment that there are not big challenges ahead for our federation.

But believe that my team have the ideas, the motivation, the experience, and the skill to overcome them.

We will do this by working with you.

Not against you.

And I believe the best way to do that is to bring motorsport and mobility closer together.

Friends - the promises we make matter.

That is why, if your clubs should lend us your vote today, I pledge that by the end of our term the FiA will be knowledge led, with world class governance and empowered regions.

It will also be more diverse – if we want to thrive we must grow.

And finally, the FIA will be back in operating profit. Our federation must be on a firm footing.

To conclude - should I be elected today, I fully commit to being accountable, from day one to you - our members. We pledge that we will govern in the interests of all and for the betterment of this federation - which we all cherish and respect.

Acceptance remarks

Dear friends – Let me begin by thanking you for your support and trust. I am truly honoured.

I am very aware of the great responsibility you have bestowed on me and my team. I want to assure you – we will not let you down. Now is the time for us to come together, and work for the common good of the FIA.

It also the time to say thank you.

Firstly, to Jean Todt for his long and fruitful presidency. He has reformed the FiA in many ways and has become the global voice of road safety.  On behalf of all members, I pay tribute for your service to our federation.

I would also like to thank Graham for running a very professional campaign and for your service to motorsport at the FIA over the past 12 years. I also want to say thank you to my campaign team for all the hard work and dedication. You were all motivated for the right reasons, you genuinely want the FIA to develop and grow and play a unique role in the global community.

This campaign was good for our federation. It allowed us to openly and respectfully debate the issues that matter.

It showed the world that the FiA is an exemplar governing body.

Although there is much more work to do, our election is an important step towards making the FiA a more diverse organisation.

Electing a president, not from Europe is a first for our federation, as is the election of two women as Vice Presidents in sport.

We were elected on a manifesto rich with ambition. We will not shy away from the challenges ahead.

Together, I know we can overcome them and make our Federation truly for its members.

I promise we will govern in the interests of all. And will do it in an open and transparent manner. We expect to be held to account.

So now friends: we celebrate today, and we start to work tomorrow.

Thank you.

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