The FIA University E-Library will give members 24/7 access to a full-range of documents, reports, research and databases. It will also house the rich archives of the FIA and AIT

London, Aug 3rd - A global initiative to improve education, training and research among the
Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) 245 Motorsport and Mobility member clubs
and federations in 146 countries has been launched by presidential candidate Mohammed
Ben Sulayem.

The new ‘FIA University and E-Library’ will bring mobility and motorsport members
together for the first time and is a significant initiative being brought forward by the Ben
Sulayem campaign team. The launch of the initiative follows the recent publication of a
‘Diversity & Inclusion in Motorsport’ report from the ben Sulayem led team and discussion
and input from motoring and motorsport clubs around the world.

Underpinned by new engineering scholarships for students [in Africa, the Americas, Middle
East, Europe and Asia] and a structured graduate internship scheme in sport and mobility to
upskill member clubs, the FIA University has been designed to be a ‘knowledge engine’ that
will radically overhaul and improve representation and education. Ultimately, the university
and accompanying e-library will help students launch careers in the fast growing motorsport
and mobility sectors.

Mohammed ben Sulayem said: “We’re aiming to create a world-leading Federation-based
university. The recent Hamilton Commission, Formula One Group and many members and
clubs all advocate for real change to create wider opportunities for young people from
diverse backgrounds - the FIA University will be a first and considerable step in making this a
reality and making the FIA a knowledge leader “

Ben Sulayem has witnessed the poverty of access to the relevant academic and vocational
courses in many regions adding: “Motorsport is a key economic driver, worth over €60bn a
year according to a recent report*, and there are plentiful opportunities for successful
careers in the field. We want to make these opportunities more equitable and readily
accessible no matter where someone is based, but especially where higher education in
such specialised areas isn’t as available.”

Through the new and expanded FIA University, member clubs have already signalled their
enthusiasm and, once in place, they will be able to access life-long learning programmes
designed to help them grow and attract new and emerging talent through partnerships with
mobility stakeholders, Formula One teams, governments, experts and universities but also
substantial evidence-based research.

Emirati Ben Sulayem believes that the FIA must be a knowledge-led Federation and and to
do so must invest in an annual research programme designed to create new knowledge and
to leverage the estimated €100bn spent on research by the automotive industry.

FIA clubs will nominate members to study at the FIA University, where subjects will cover all
manners of sporting and mobility topics, ranging from the academic to the vocational,

  • E-Learning and Training - Research
  • Scholarships - Motorsport Training
  • E-Library and Archive - Mobility Education
  • Leadership Programmes - Talent Development Schemes
  • Medical and Safety Training - Engineering and Technician Support

The FIA University project is jointly led by Deputy President Candidates Robert Reid from
the UK and Canada’s Tim Sherman. In a joint statement, they said: “Our campaign is focused
on seeking greater mobility and sport collaboration in the development of FIA member
clubs and this new FIA University plan will play a central role in this process if we are
successful in our election bid."

"We are quickly gaining momentum because we’re working towards a common goal to
improve the governance of the Federation and the FIA University will play an important role
for elected officers, staff and member clubs in developing knowledge and expertise in this
field." added Carmelo San de Barros from Spain, candidate for Head of the FIA Senate.
Elections to elect a new FIA Presidential team will take place on December 17 in Paris when
outgoing President Jean Todt will step down after reaching the twelve-year maximum term

Please download and read :

Bringing Sport & Mobility together through learning here

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