Passionate for a Members-Led FIA December 2021: FIA Presidential Elections

Mohammed ben Sulayem Candidate for FIA President
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Carmelo Sanz de Barros Candidate for Head of FIA Senate
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Tim Shearman Candidate for Deputy President Mobility
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Robert Reid Candidate for Deputy President Motorsport
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Our Core Values

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We believe the FIA should be members-led: not a top-down hierarchy, but rather a bottom-up federation. We will therefore take our time on policy formation to ensure it is developed in the most inclusive and democratic way. We will do this by seeking the advice of our members via a process of open consultation.

Passion & Tradition

The FIA must move forward with passion and purpose, facing the challenges and opportunities arising every day across sport and mobility. We must also cherish our tradition and history, the foundations that give us the right to position the FIA as global thought leaders.

Proactive Leadership

Our community faces major challenges that require fresh thinking and proactive leadership. We will do this together by further integrating mobility and sports, thus delivering the necessary competition portfolio and global engagement platforms to support the members and audiences of the future.